“Act Or Resign”: Upendra Kushwaha Attacks Nitish Kumar Over Child Deaths

“Boss Minister Nitish Kumar is in charge of kids’ demises in huge number in Muzaffarpur,” Upendra Kushwaha said. PATNA: Former Union Minister and RLSP boss Upendra Kushwaha today said Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is in charge of the passings of youngsters because of encephalitis in Muzaffarpur and requested his renunciation.

“Boss Minister Nitish Kumar is in charge of kids’ demises in huge number in Muzaffarpur. The state government has not made any solid move to avert the passings. Wellbeing show been left at god’s benevolence,” Mr Kushwaha told journalists in Patna.

Almost 140 kids kicked the bucket because of an episode of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Bihar this month. In Muzaffarpur alone, the illness killed 127 kids.

“Mr Chief Minister, negligible affirmation won’t fill the need. It is possible that you demonstration or leave from the post of CM. RLSP would hit the will uncover you for your disappointments,” Mr Kushwaha said.

The encephalitis flare-up, which as indicated by the state wellbeing office has influenced around 20 out of the 40 areas in the state, has harrowed in excess of 600 kids since June 1.

Mr Kushwaha said the Bihar government has neglected to top off all the authorized posts of specialists in the state. Against the authorized posts of 7,249 customary specialists in the state, just 3,146 specialists are right now working in government medical clinics and 533 authoritative specialists are neutralizing 2,314 legally binding posts in the state, he said.

He additionally hit out at PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for not communicating their distress, saying that it just demonstrates their lack of care.

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44.5 overs (1 Run)

Too short this time! Phehlukwayo ducks under it. Wided.

44.4 overs (1 Run)

Misses the yorker by a little and it is a full ball. Rabada strokes it to mid off for one.

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Kagiso Rabada is the following batsman in.

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Wahab Riaz is back!

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43.5 overs (0 Run)

Great rebound! Shadab fires it on the stumps, AP drives it back to the bowler.

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